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March 14, 2019-

We are excited to announce that Catch-30 has been submitted to the New Jersey Web Festival! Looking forward to learning how we do!

February 14, 2019-

It’s launch day! We hope you enjoy Season 1 of Catch-30, now available on youtube and on Head over to to watch!

February 1, 2019-

After six tumultuous years, Catch-30 is finally ready to launch! Producing duo Tanya Rojas and Rachel Barrer of Barrer-Rojas Productions, have endured the ups and downs of life and the entertainment business since the inception of Catch-30 in December 2012. However, they never gave up on the project and saw it move through many hands while they held on to the core concept of the show. Now after many lessons learned and with the help of a small but mighty team, are finally ready for the world to see the project that started their friendship in the first place. Tanya and Rachel want to thank all of the people who have stuck by Catch 30 and helped it come to life. Stay tuned- launch date: 2/14/19!

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