Catch-30 got its start in the summer of 2012, when Tanya, inspired by a story one of her friends told her about his open relationship, sat down to write the original script. With the help of friends Kim and Rachel, the first draft of what was supposed to be the pilot episode of a show called Open was complete. Between the fall of 2012 and spring of 2013, thanks in large part to Indiegogo and personal savings, Tanya and Rachel, with the help of talented actors and a skeleton crew, filmed the sixty minute pilot episode, in hopes that it would help them get picked up by a network.

However, in that spring of 2013, due to circumstances beyond their control, they found themselves in a situation of having to rebrand, and from that, Catch-30 was born.

While the original concept for the show was open relationships, a topic that has often been considered a taboo and existing in a fringe of society, Catch-30 allowed Rachel and Tanya greater freedom to explore the overall human experience. For some reason, reaching the age of 30 is feared among young people. We’re constantly wondering if we’re doing all the right things to be in the right place by a certain time. Are we with the right partner to get married at the right time to have a certain amount of kids before our eggs dry up? Are we in the right job that’s going to get us to the right promotion by a certain age? 30 seems to be the threshold for what you should be doing with your life, and it’s all a catch 22. In addition to the questions we have about growing up, Catch-30 became an exploration of the intersectionality of the people around us. We’re not all just one thing or another, but a multitude of parts that complete a whole, whether a person or relationship. Hayley, Jasmine, Marcus, Melanie, Jacob, Sandra, and Jason are a small representation of what it means to be a unique part of a whole, and they, like the rest of us, are looking for the best way to do what is right for the world around them.

These last six years have been grueling for Rachel and Tanya, both on a personal and professional level. They have believed in this show since the beginning and they are excited the world finally gets to see it. Women generated content is a passion of both Rachel and Tanya, knowing female voices and representation are more important than ever.